Full frame shot of rocks in water, Ontario, Tobermory, Canada

Full frame shot of rocks in water, Ontario, Tobermory, Canada
Full frame shot of rocks in water, Ontario, Tobermory, Canada

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  • So ! Where was this photo taken ? Is it real ? Who took it ? Was it photo cropped ?

  • Tobermory does is not on the shore of Lake Ontario, rather, its on the shore of Lake Huron.
    This is nowhere near the Niagara river. Tobermory is 360 kilometres away from the mouth of the Niagara.

    • One of this photo found descriptions states that this place is “shoreline along the Niagara”, but has “Tobermory” tag, another description contains “Tobermory, Ontario, Canada”.
      Most likely the author meant Ontario province, so I’ve removed “lake”. But I don’t know where exactly the photo was taken. So any help with the clarification will be appreciated.

  • I’ve seen both Tobermory (in lake Huron) and “Niagara in Lake Ontario” (which is gibberish because Niagara is a river and Lake Ontario is a lake), listed as location.

    But after spending hours trying to find photos of this in Lake Huron, I did NOT find this image or anything like it. The closest I’ve found are the rocks off the coast of Flowerpot Island; close, but not the same.

    So I’m leaning more towards this being on the bottom of the Niagara River near where it empties into Lake Ontario, just as the description here says. I haven’t found confirmation of that, though.

    So, does anyone have any confirmable proof AT ALL of where this is?

  • If this is in fact Tobermory, and I’ve been many times so I don’t doubt that it is, it is not Lake Ontario, it is Lake Huron/Georgian Bay.

  • Is this hand made or natural?

  • Your captcha function keeps failing and I have to type my comment in again!!!
    I always wondered where to find these gorgeous photos from my login screen. Maybe I have finally found the source?

  • I love this photo! I was so happy that I was able to find it after seeing it on my login screen. Usually I have a difficult time finding those exact pictures again. Maybe now I have located the source?

    • Mee too, Judy. You’re not the only one.
      Maybe Microsoft could do something about helping us save the link to the exact picture at login?
      Love and peace,

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