The site moved from spotlight.it-notes.ru domain name to windows10spotlight.com.

Images were taken from Windows 10 as is without any rework as they were downloaded to my PC by Spotlight service. All of them are unique and this was controlled by their check sums. So this is not my fault if you’ll see similar or corrupted images. Since 2022-04-24 was decided to strip all metadata from files, since people working in Microsoft have no idea how to prepare files for publishing. This help to reduce some images size about 1-2 megabytes, but changes their checksums.

The only images I have are represented on the site, I don’t have better quality images, so if you need better ones please try to contact their authors or copyright holders.

All images were downloaded automatically to my computer by Windows Spotlight service, so if you have any complaints please send them to Microsoft company.

Also you can ask guys from Microsoft where they got all these images or try to find authors yourself if you’ll want to purchase better quality images.

If anybody want to add information to the published images please contact me.

I’ll not provide all images in archive to anybody, so please stop asking me. At least now, maybe sometime later I’ll upload them all to public filestore.