An old pier at Clifton Springs at sunrise, Victoria, Australia
An old pier at Clifton Springs at sunrise, Victoria, Australia

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  • Then you all (y’all) shall give feedback to Microsoft using Feedback Hub.

  • ¡¡¡¡That’s NOT NY, that’s Australiaaaaaa!!!!

    Please give a compass to Mr. Gates and other to Getty.

    Ha ha ha

  • NOT Clifton Springs NY!

  • We live near Clifton Springs, NY. This picture is NOT Clifton Springs, NY. How does Microsoft & Getty Images remedy this error?

  • Look at the caption: “An old pier at Clifton Springs at sunrise, Victoria, Australia”

    • When this popped up for me last year, I searched the image. Found it and a group taken in a set all labeled as Clifton Springs, NY. If you searched Clifton Springs, NY, images of this jetty popped up. I found the photographer’s blog where he commented about how it was mislabeled… Then I emailed Getty Images. By the next day, all the tags had been changed for the whole series.

  • HA! Just popped up on my lock screen today also… I’ve been to Clifton Springs NY and this is not it!

  • Beautiful!!

  • This has just appeared up on my lock screen. The ‘Like what you see?’ popup erroneously tells me that it’s Clifton Springs, New York!

  • A pleasant surprise to see Clifton Springs published today. I knew it as soon as I saw the You Yangs in the background. The pier was built in the late 19th century for the tourists that would come on the steamers from Melbourne for the mineral springs and the magnificent 85 room Clifton Springs Hotel

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